Who ist Writing?


Born in Iowa and raised in Minnesota, Liz comes from a large family of fair-weather Catholics. She graduated from St. Olaf College with a double major in English and Studio Art, which appropriately primed her to speak English and draw the alphabet. Post-graduation, Liz pursued a lifelong dream of moving to Paris and eating a baguette. Berlin will hopefully sate her hunger for sausage.


Taylor graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design with a B.S. in Visualization. During his academic tenure, Taylor cofounded Recess Games League, an urban game coalition, where he earned the now ubiquitous nickname “Ball Dodger.” After graduation, he became a web and graphic designer for a marketing agency, working on projects way over his head for Fortune 500 companies. Taylor teaches English in Japan. Born and raised in Minnesota, Taylor forwent his raison d’etre, corn on the cob, in search of a more exotic grain. Rice.

(Gerpan`s hottest group of former contributors)

Diarmuid Carter: Diarmuid studied journalism and German in the Dublin Institute of Technology. In Ireland. Upon graduating he discovered his greatest asset was his skilled Irish tongue – a valuable commodity amongst both the fluffer and English teaching communities. Much to the relief of his family, Diarmuid chose a career in the latter and for the past two years has taught English in Ireland and Japan. Many of Diarmuid`s students describe him as “very competent.”

Nikki: Nikki was raised a gentile southern-Baptist in the miniscule town of Bridgeport, Texas. When her dream of moving to the “big city” (Dallas) died, she settled for second best and moved to Paris where she worked as an English teacher. More recently, she finds herself living in Antsiranana, Madagascar with her new husband who surprisingly turned out to be a Malagasy celebrity. Working a temp gig as a housewife, she spends her time thinking of new and interesting ways to make the 12 wakeful hours of her day pass more quickly.

Reikalein: After having spent her “seishun” years (look it up) in Osaka (the Naples of Japan) Christine, aka Reikalein, ventured back to England to pursue the most useful degree subject of all time, English and Italian Literature. Thanks to her sensible studies, she was in high demand in Switzerland where a half-Japanese, half-British girl was needed to roam about the mountains aimlessly. So there she is, enjoying the fresh air and spurting out random phrases in pigeon German at strangers when she’s tipsy enough.

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